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As biotech becomes a greater part of our daily lives, today’s students need to understand the underpinnings of biotechnology to become knowledgeable citizens and function effectively in their careers and lives.The growth of the biotech industry has created a rapidly growing need for employees with practical biotech knowledge and skills."For the public to accept and appreciate efforts going into improving these important food crops, we must shift from using terms that might increase fear and anxiety and begin using those that build trust and confidence," she said.Experts were cautioned against using terminologies that could easily be misinterpreted.

"This has implications for potentially reducing normal cognitive decline with aging, or boosting recovery from brain injury after stroke or traumatic brain injury," he says.Cole-Parmer Ltd announced today that Jenway®, a leading UK manufacturer of analytical laboratory instruments, has launched the new Genova Bio Life Science Spectrophotometer.The Genova Bio, a UV/visible spectrophotometer, has been designed for fast and easy use in life science applications, whilst having a low-price point.The research appears this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)."It's exciting because it suggests that by just manipulating one gene in adult brains, we can boost brain plasticity," says lead author Jason Shepherd, Ph.p GLO™ Kit SDS-PAGE Extension Use this kit as an addition to the p GLO kit to illustrate the central dogma of molecular biology: DNA transcription, protein translation, and the expression of a trait.


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