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Unlike most dating sites, Tinder reduces a person’s profile to simply their age, a tagline, and a photograph. Let’s be real: Girls don’t need an app to meet random horny men. If you’re a woman living in New York City, and you’re at least moderately attractive, it’s hard to even buy a tub of hummus without some guy awkwardly trying to flirt with you.You could probably just stick one leg out of your apartment and someone would offer to buy it a drink.

About six months ago, shortly after I’d broken up with my long-term boyfriend, I received a text from a friend that read: “LOL, your ex is on Tinder.London resident Jason Marshall, 28, was found guilty Wednesday for the 2013 murder of Peter Fasoli, who he met on the app Badoo — and whose credit cards he used to flee to Rome to kill another, the Guardian reported.Jurors in the London trial heard how Marshall dressed up in uniform – sometimes as a ticket inspector or air cadet – because he loved the respect it earned him.Tinder, however, evens the playing field, positioning both sexes as equally lustful.OK, there was this really cool site at one point ( which no longer exists.The deranged killer was impersonating a police officer when he visited Fasoli, 58, Jan.


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