Ideas dating spouse

Phone calls, emails, texts are great but you need to change it up sometimes in order to keep these interesting.

Here is a list of date ideas and activities you can do with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/significant other in your long distance relationship.

Style it as formal or as informal and goofy as you’d like.

If you want to add ambience, play the love songs from #1. Visit civil war sites, national parks, or historical landmarks only tourists tend to visit.

They’ll love the selflessness of your actions and you’ll love seeing the look on their face.

Couples in long distance relationships can have a hard time staying connected.

Plan a date you know they’d love Is there an activity that your spouse loves to do that you maybe love a little less?

Put your spouse first by planning a date night all about them.

But couples can ignite their love life by boosting the quality of their friendship.

Article Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham Few things prepare your children for success more than growing up with a mom and dad who thoroughly enjoy each other.


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