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The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said such incidents in the camps were a result of Australia’s hardline offshore detention policies."These people have already been through a great deal, many have fled war and persecution, some have already suffered trauma," the office said in a statement.

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You will feel very comfortable dating an Australian man because most people here think of themselves as your equal, regardless of your occupation or your income."The recent behaviours in Nauru are not protests against living conditions "They aren't protests against health care, they aren't protests against the lack of financial support." Mr Dutton also accused refugee advocates of giving the asylum seekers false hope they would one day be settled in Australia.Moments before setting himself on fire, the Iranian – identified only as Omid The Somali woman has been transferred to Australia for treatment, according to local officials.Since then the country has plunged into lawlessness and warfare with little done to deal with famine and disease leading to the deaths of up to 1 million people. Somali refugees who have come to Australia to start a new life inevitably face enormous challenges.Coming from a tribal structure of clans and sub-clans that were largely nomadic until recently, Somali refugees must deal with deep culture shock, learn a new language, battle through alienation and unemployment and navigate their way around the cultural signposts of a society very different from their own.Seton-Karr’s Somalian hand axes, to my understanding, were not dated and they could be considerably younger, as this form of stone tool remained in use up to about 40,000 years ago.


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